About Us


Chief Medical Officer: Siva Arunasalam, M.D.

Dr. Siva Arunasalam is the director of the High Desert Heart Institute and an Attending Cardiologist. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology and Certified by the Heart Rhythm Society for the implantation of pacemakers and ICDs. He has over 20 years of experience in Interventional Cardiology.

Chief Technology Officer: Daniel Austin, RN

Dan is the director of the Congestive Heart Failure Unit at the High Desert Heart Institute. Today RNs are a vital asset. Dan helped design and was in charge of patients in a groundbreaking study conducted by HDHI that showed that L-Arginine could help remodeling of the heart, pulmonary vascular changes in terms of pulmonary pressures, changes in the cardiac dimensions and changes in heart function. Dan has lectured and trained hundreds across the globe. He is an avid learner and passionate about wellness for his patients and the world.


 About High Desert Heart Institute

The High Desert Heart Institute (HDHI) provides primary care and heart disease services to patients in the surrounding communities. HDHI is very proud of their medical care and patient services-both inpatient and outpatient.

HDHI provides a complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with heart disease, lung disease or other medical and surgical conditions. Many of these services we provide at the Institute, others may need referral to a local hospital or laboratory. Listed below are those services that are provided by the Institute or at one of our local hospitals.

Integrative Medicine

The Heart Institute collaborates with numerous pharmaceuticals and nutritional manufacturing companies providing alternative therapy for our cardiac patients. Such non-conventional approach of some patients significantly impacts the quality of life. We are engaged in numerous trials looking at Nitric Oxide supporting compounds in the treatment of hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, peripheral artery disease, exercise endurance, wound healing, and in the treatment of congestive heart failure.

Translational and Research Medicine

In collaboration with medical industry and FDA, the Heart Institute is involved in cutting edge research. The FDA approved research is available only to selected sites in the US. The Heart Institute is one sub-site. The Heart Institute is able to provide this cutting edge research to our patient population.

Cardiac Training Center

We are a training center for other cardiologists in carotid stenting, peripheral angioplasty and AICD implantation. Our doctors all routinely are faculty presenters at major cardiac conferences.

The High Desert Heart Institute is proud to announce that in the last 18 years we have performed over 18,000 coronary angiograms and angioplasties, over 5000 peripheral interventions, over 1200 defibrillators, over 2500 pacemakers and we have the lowest morbidity and mortality in the US.