Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death and disability in America. Other vascular disorders, such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension and erectile dysfunction affect millions more.


In 1998, a group of doctors were awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research on the critical role nitric oxide plays in maintaining vascular health. To produce adequate nitric oxide, your body needs an appropriate amount of the amino acid arginine. The result of more than 5 years of research at the High Desert Heart Institute, arginext is a safe and effective way to deliver a next generation formula— and bring the results of Nobel Prize-winning science into your home!


One serving of arginext provides you with all the Arginine you’d get by swallowing 2-3 scoops of other arginine powders, or consuming very large amounts red meat or shellfish. Selected clinical studies have shown that the amount of arginine you get in one serving of arginext may benefit people with circulation issues.

arginext customers have reported such benefits as increased endurance, energy and less fatigue; and improved sexual function.


howarginext was developed by Siva Arunasalam MD, is the director of the High Desert Heart Institute (HDH) and an Attending Cardiologist. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology and Certified by the Heart Rhythm Society for the implantation of pacemakers and ICDs. He has 20 years of experience in Angioplasty, Carotid Stenting, and Peripheral Angioplasty. Based on 5 years of research studying the role of arginine complexers in promoting vascular health at his clinic. Dr. Siva worked to make a next generation nitric oxide to best serve his patient base and people across the globe.

The healthy body uses arginine, a semi-essential amino acid found in food, to produce nitric oxide, which helps keeps your blood vessels open, elastic and functioning properly—a breakthrough discovery so important, it won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

In many people, that ability is reduced. So, just eat more arginine-rich foods, right? It’s not that simple: Arginine-rich foods (mainly red meat and shellfish) are also high in fat and cholesterol!

Enter arginext: a safe, effective way to give your system an arginine boost — without all the cholesterol.

Dr. Siva was one of the first researchers to demonstrate that supplementing your diet with arginine can reduce the effects of impaired nitric oxide production. His research in vascular disease has been praised worldwide and has been seen on over 40,000 websites that reference his human clinical trials from 2009.

In 1996, Dr. Siva founded HDH. In 2014, he co-founded with a vision to become the world leader in the distribution of top quality & integrative health based products.


  • On October 12, 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the world’s top honor for scientific innovation and achievement, was awarded to three Americans, Robert Furchgott, Ferid Murad, and Louis Ignarro, for their pioneering discoveries of nitric oxide’s role in maintaining healthy blood vessels that allow better blood flow.
  • Dr. Siva, the formulator of arginext, was one of the first researchers to demonstrate that supplemental arginine can help improve your body's ability to produce nitric oxide.
  • arginext has been shown in selected studies to increase circulation, energy, endurance, and ability to exercise.
  • Findings on the safety and efficacy of arginine have been presented at major medical conferences, including the American College of Cardiology, and in scientific journals such as Circulation, Vascular Medicine and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
  • arginext is not sold in retail stores, drug stores or catalogues; its available only through registered arginext distributors.
  • To get the same amount of arginine you get in one serving of arginext, you’d need to swallow twelve 500mg capsules — or consume large amounts of foods such as nuts, red meat or shellfish.


The body uses arginine to produce nitric oxide; arginine-derived nitric oxide () has been shown in studies to have a multitude of benefits to health, including:

  • relaxes arteries, helping maintain normal blood pressure, which would otherwise skyrocket when is absent.
  • keeps open coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart, preventing angina pain.
  • is a potent free radical scavenger that helps to both lower serum cholesterol and prevent the “bad” LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and becoming even worse.
  • is a powerful anticoagulant, or blood thinner, that helps prevent blood platelets from clumping together into the clots that can cause heart attack and stroke.
  • enhances blood flow to the penis, helping to boost erections.
  • serves as a critical bullet by different immune system cells that use it to kill foreign bacteria and viruses and even shrink or destroy some cancerous tumors.
  • is used by the brain to encode long term memory and ensure blood flow to brain cells.
  • functions as a messenger molecule that allows nerve cells in the body and brain to communicate with each other.
  • may reduce pregnancy-related hypertension, a potentially life-threatening condition for both mother and child.
  • may help regulate insulin secretion by the pancreas, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • helps to control the lung airways, allowing you to breath easier and avoid common lung disorders.
  • relaxes hypertonic sphincter muscles, preventing and healing hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
  • stimulates the body into releasing human growth hormone (HGH), a key to longevity as well as improvement in body composition by boosting lean muscle mass and bone density while decreasing fat tissue.

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