As a senior in high school I had just become a student body officer for the second time and felt like I had it all. But my life made a drastic change. Things that had once been so simple for me became more difficult. At first I wasn't sure anything was even wrong. I thought it was just something in my head. My thoughts never felt clear and I began to have a hard time speaking in front of people. The symptoms seemed to start gradually then progress. By the time I graduated from high school I would have these episodes anywhere from 3 to 10 times a day and they would last anywhere from 5 minutes to 10 hours. Just when I thought the symptoms were at their worst, they deteriorated even more. At times I was paralyzed. I was horrified thinking I would be paralyzed for life. This type of episode began to be more common. The doctors came to the conclusion it was most likely MS and lesions would likely appear later in my life. Things seemed to keep getting worse. I began to feel like there was no hope. I was on medication for my symptoms but nothing seemed to help and often the medication made my symptoms worse. It was at this time that started taking Arginext. I thought if medicine isn't going to help how is this natural supplement supposed to help? About a week or two of taking the product I noticed I began to have more energy. I am able to function normally again and I don't worry about these episodes any more. I now have hope. Arginext has given me my life back.

Spencer R. - Utah,

I have heart disease in my family from my grandparents down to me. My mother started having strokes and heart attacks and all the side effects that come with the medication that was prescribed to her. She lived with me for nine years as we tried and cared for her. I had no idea what I was getting in for. It was heart breaking to witness her having heart attacks and strokes. I actually thought that if I took care of myself by exercising and eating properly that I would avoid this. Boy, was I wrong. My blood pressure started to spike to 147/90 and my carotid arteries showed to have plaque buildup. The thought of thinking that it was now my turn to have this condition made me terrified. After arginext my blood pressure is now 112/70 and my carotid arteries show to be almost clear. The worry and concern I once had about taking after my parent’s is no longer there.

E. Romney - Sandy, Utah,

When I discovered Arginext, I was impressed not only with the science behind the product, but the years of hands on clinical research that have gone in to the formulation. I am a recent convert, and I love the results and have more energy for my morning trail runs.

D. Tanner, 78 year old Triathlete & Author; San Carlos CA,

After losing my 51 year old brother to a heart attack, and being a victim of heart disease myself. I knew I need to add more to my Vascular Health treatment. Arginext was it.

B.B. age 55, Southern Arizona,